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Cautions and Declaration

This apparatus is for personal use only, before and after use should pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene, external do not contact with oil and other chemicals and other easy pollutants; For hygiene, use this product should wear condoms together; In order to protect your delicate skin, it is recommended to use with lubricants at the same time; Please store the product in a cool, dry place, avoid contact with children; If discomfort arises when using, please stop using immediately.

※This product is an adult toy, minors, pregnant or pregnant women, patients with acute diseases or serious infections, patients with various serious diseases (serious injuries or malignant tumors, etc.), fever, the use of artificial heart and lung pacemakers and all rest or in vitro electronic medical equipment, suffering from hypertension, abnormal blood pressure heart rate, heart disease, sensory nerve abnormalities or other diseases are prohibited. Please do not use with other electronic products at the same time to avoid unpredictable accidents and dangerous accidents. Do not repair, disassemble or modify the external device of this function to avoid changing the power output of the product.
People who use this product, by default, have read this tip, have a clear understanding of their own physical condition.

During use, please proceed step by step. If you feel unwell or have abnormal reactions when using this function, please stop using it immediately. Regularly check the wire connector port, if there is damage, prohibit the use.


If the product does not open normally, please charge it and use it again; when charging, please check whether the power supply, connection, connection line is normal.

Cleaning and maintenance

Before use, please rinse it with clean water or shower gel and dry it immediately; after use, please clean it with disinfectant cleaning liquid (please do not use cleaning agent containing alcohol, vapor oil or C energy).
Keep the product dry and in a cool, dry place when putting it away.
Keep the product away from high temperature and dirt; the product contains a small amount of grease and it is recommended to store it in plastic film. Please check the product regularly for damage and stop using it if it is found to be damaged.


When using this product, please read the instructions carefully and use it according to the instructions, and any misuse is at your own risk. The product may be improved as necessary without further notice.

Disposal methods

Disposal of electrical products, electronic devices and batteries (users may refer to the disposal methods of electronic waste products in YOUR countries).

After-sales service

If you have any quality problems, please contact the distributor of the channel you purchased.

Warm Tips

If you need to purchase other erotic products, please visit the official website

Man-made damage, private disassembly, has been used after the product will not be returned.

Storage method

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

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