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Does cycling have an impact on sexual function?

Since the 1970s, research on bicycle-induced sexual dysfunction has emerged. Various studies seem to keep telling people that to change from hard to soft, all you need is a bicycle. Riding a bicycle may make you not lift it, which may be the last statement that everyone wants to believe. The truth is, cyclists are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than the normal population.

According to one study, the incidence of erectile dysfunction in cyclists was 13.1%, compared with 5.6% in non-cyclists of the same age. Such a problem may occur mainly because the saddle oppresses the private parts, that is, the “perineal soft tissue” of our male human body.

When we sit normally, the weight of the upper body is mainly supported by the sitting bones and distributed by the hips and private parts. When riding a bicycle, the contact area between the seat and the buttocks decreases, and the pressure on the private parts increases. Repeated friction between the private parts and the slender and hard seat will also make the private parts continue to be pressed. The unique structure of the scrotum allows the eggs to be exposed to temperatures below body temperature, which is the temperature at which sperm can develop healthily.
But in the process of cycling, the private part not only has to bear the pressure from the seat, but also repeatedly rubs against the seat, so the bottom becomes hotter and hotter, which in turn causes the temperature of the scrotum to rise, which affects the quality of semen. Of course, friends, don’t be in a hurry to sell the bicycle. Although the negative effects of various cycling have been mentioned above, it must be clear that the various problems that occur in cycling and the time and distance of cycling have a great impact. Relationships, if it’s just cycling to and from get off work every day, don’t worry too much, and it’s still good.

There is no direct effect on riding and sexual function, and indirect effects include riding type, riding intensity, and riding posture.

  1. Let’s start with the riding posture. A wrong posture (including the seat cushion is too high, the shape of the seat cushion is not suitable, the heat dissipation problem of the seat cushion, the heat dissipation problem of clothing) will cause the lower body discomfort during or even after riding. Men and women, there are countless nerves and blood vessels in that part. Long-term compression will cause numbness, and in severe cases, it will cause terrible results as you know. The relevant elements of bicycle fitting will be involved here. This section will not go into details for the time being, but a suitable seat cushion, a suitable bicycle setting and a suitable training volume can enhance physical fitness (leading to the next link).
  2. Cycling intensity, any exercise has an intensity assessment, warm up before exercise, stretch after exercise, people who keep exercising will have better physical fitness than those who do not exercise. Good physical fitness includes but is not limited to: muscle strength is stronger, Muscle flexibility is improved, cardiopulmonary function is improved, blood circulation is stronger, lung capacity is increased, and oxygen uptake is improved.
    To sum up, we are better, we all know that sex is always a physical exercise (unless you don’t move), then cycling can improve our abdominal core muscles, glutes, leg quads, psoas , back muscles, arm biceps and triceps, the above muscles are the muscle groups that must be used for a happy and healthy sex life, and secondly, the cardiopulmonary capacity determines your endurance stability (you know what car this is) and your sage mode Breathing rate and level of calmness (most of the panting dogs are usually inactive or rarely exercised).
  3. In terms of vehicle models, I mostly deal with road bikes, but also with mountain bikes, triathlons and other models. Folding bikes and shared bikes generally use thicker and wider seat cushions because of their relatively upright riding posture, and they are mostly supported by the widest point of the sitting bones, which have less pressure on the perineum. Muscle force and abdominal core muscle group support, so generally do not ride very fast, and the pressure on the lower body is minimal (unless the seat cushion is too high), and we generally do not ride for a long time or a long distance on a folding bike.
    On the other hand, off-road mountain bikes generally change frequently, unless mountain horses (mountain bikes on paved roads) or long distances find discomfort, most of which are also due to the unreasonable selection or setting of seat cushions. All muscles of the front, back, left and right are used for stable balance control) have a good exercise effect, suitable for playing some difficult movements in life.
    When riding frequently, due to good physical fitness, the rear X-type quadriceps can provide sufficient strength support, and the drop of the road bike usually allows me to have plenty of strength in my abdomen to support the upper body when I lean forward. Often The gluteus maximus of the accelerated sprint exercise also made me perform more to her satisfaction…it’s not worth going into details.

Next is the triathlon. The triathlon is also subdivided into time trials and triathlons. Due to the aerodynamics, the posture is particularly low. Special attention should be paid to the pelvic angle, seat cushion selection and bicycle settings. If you choose This model does not have suitable fittings, plus 70.3 (triathlon schedule) or high-intensity long-distance (90-180 km riding) such as 70.3 (triathlon), if there is perineal discomfort during the period, plus clenching your teeth and insisting on finishing the race. , it is easy to lead to decreased sexual function and poor blood circulation for a period of time affecting family harmony, please pay attention to this.

The answer to this question is not all watched by riders. In addition to popularizing some knowledge of sports bicycles, I really want to tell everyone that riding will not directly affect sexual function, but there are many indirect factors. She also encourages me to exercise, and she also encourages me to exercise. In fact, she likes me to have a healthy body.

Having said so much, how should we go for a healthy ride?

1 Riding a bicycle for 4-5 kilometers a day can stimulate the secretion of estrogen or androgen in the human body, enhance sexual ability, and contribute to the harmony of sexual life between husband and wife. Men of childbearing age are not suitable for cycling as a long-term exercise program. Due to the narrow bicycle seat, if a man rides for a long time, the testicles, prostate and other organs will suffer from ischemia, edema, inflammation and other conditions after being squeezed for a long time, which will affect the production of sperm and the normal secretion of prostatic fluid and semen. This is a more official statement. At the same time, it can improve the vitality of the anal sphincter, which is very important.

2 Choose a wider saddle that fully supports your sit bones, allowing them to distribute most of your body weight, reducing pressure on your privates. After sitting upright, the pressure of the seat on the private parts will also be less. Adjust the angle of the saddle. The front end of the seat can be slightly inclined forward to reduce the pressure and friction of the front end of the seat on the private parts.

In fact, compared to riding a bicycle, sitting still for a long time will also bring different degrees of damage to the following, and it will also make you lazy and fat, which is more direct than riding a bicycle for a long time. Therefore, everyone should choose a reasonable amount of exercise in their life.

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