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[shrink vagina] the correct kegel exercise method

Today to the vaginal relaxation of you to introduce the correct kegel exercise method: if you have time to practice, although the effect is not obvious for a short period of time, long-term persistence can exercise the pelvic floor muscles, plus the help of kegel balls and tighten faster!

Female body construct
Female body construct

the right kegel way of exercising

vaginal contraction principle: as early as the 1950s, the American gynecologist alnarit kekill found that by exercising the pelvic floor muscles, the contraction of the vaginal muscles can be enhanced, the pelvic blood circulation can be improved, thereby improving women’s sexual sensitivity, which is considered to be the easiest and most effective way to improve women’s sexual function, and people also call this method “kegel exercise”.

exercise effect: many gynecologists believe that in addition to using vaginal products such as kegel balls after childbirth, kegel exercise can also be done early, which can strengthen the strength of the muscles at the bottom of the pelvic cavity. after a period of exercise, the vagina can retract and the vaginal elasticity can return to more than 80% of the prenatal period.

expert comments: kegel vaginal reduction exercise is best divided into three different time periods of morning, middle and evening exercise, divided into sitting position, standing position, lying position three kinds of asana exercise, different positions in different muscle states, the effect is better and more comprehensive.

exercise steps:

1. lie on your back on the bed, with your feet knees bent, similar to the posture of doing a gynecological examination before childbirth.

2. contract the pelvic floor muscles, just like the usual action of suddenly holding back in the middle of urinating.

3. continue to contract for about 10 seconds, then relax for another 10 seconds, and repeat 15 times a day.

vaginal reduction recommendations:

1. the posture and force must be correct; except for the lifting of the oral muscles, the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks do not need to be forced. and regardless of whether there is a successful vaginal reduction, it can be adhered to for a long time, which can not only promote vaginal tightening but also alleviate the degree of vaginal laxity.

2, kegel exercise has an effect, but just to solve the different degrees of vaginal laxity problems that women have is not enough. on this point, it also needs to be combined with professional vaginal reduction products, such as scientific vaginal reduction such as kegel balls.

the above is the correct kegel exercise method, is it very simple? in the above article to introduce to you how to do it, there are precautions, if you also do this exercise you must pay attention, otherwise, it is easy to do useless work!

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